Nothing is there, the cloud above the Pacific Ocean didn’t tell me anything (version 2)
mixed media sculptures 
size variable

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1. Base-2 numeral system study
2. Cosmos in the flat pack
3. My mom said I don’t have patience and sent me to learn to draw
4. How we build pyramids
5. They said, sit down, they said, clap your hands
6. The house that Jack built
7. Aluminum, ash
8. Painting from life, chandeliers in autumn
9. No News, or What Killed the Dog
10. Exercises in Style
11. Making, contemplating, reasoning, engineering, demonstrating, observing, perceiving, educating, measuring, crafting, building, displaying, and a perfect world
12. Gazing up at the dark, benign and indifferent universe spangled with its signs and stars, glittering vividly in a place beyond
13. This and every other sort of thing

material list:iroko dowels, oak dowels, plywood, paracord 7-strand, glitter PVC, fish wire, silver acrylic Alphabet beads, paper, plastic fuse beads, tracing paper, acrylic paper, CR4 steel sheet, clear acrylic sheet, opal acrylic sheet, frosted acrylic sheet, M5 Hex socket cap Zinc-plated carbon steel set screw&nut, M6 Hex socket cap Zinc-plated carbon steel set screw&nut, epoxy resin, resin pigment, 3D print plastic, screw cap light bulb, 3D print stoneware ceramic, underglazes, jesmonite AC100, jesmonite pigment, aluminium powder, bronze powder, brass powder, copper powder, iron powder, wall paint, acrylic, mild steel rectangle box section tube, mild steel round tube, mild steel flat bar, mild steel sheet, mild steel round bar, linen thread, cotton thread, wool thread, epoxy glue, clear cast epoxy resin, sliver cloth duct tape, wall paper glue, gloss clear varnish

installation view at MFA Fine Art Postgraduate Degree Exhibition 2023
Goldsmiths, University of London

a part of photos by Gillies Adamson Semple

copyright © 2021. zinong zhang. all rights reserved.