Nothing is there, the cloud above the Pacific Ocean didn’t tell me anything (version 1)
mixed media sculptures
size variable

1. Base-2 numeral system study
2. How we build pyramids 
3. My mom said I don’t have patience and sent me to learn how to draw
4. Painting from life, chandelier in autumn
5. They said, sit down, they said, clap your hands

material list: oak dowels, fish wire, silver acrylic Alphabet beads, white plastic Alphabet cube beads, interactive educational kids laptop, foldback metal binder paper clamps, printer paper, plastic fuse beads, tracing paper, glossy finish calibrated inkjet prints, clear acrylic sheet, 3D print plastic, 3D print stoneware ceramic, underglazes, wall paint, acrylic, mild steel round tube, mild steel flat bar, mild steel sheet, mild steel round bar, mild steel half round moulding, linen thread, cotton thread, wool thread, sliver cloth duct tape, polystyrene boards

installation view at Goldsmiths MFA seminar room 

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