Rooms, wives, candle and boobs!
mixed media installation

residency at Hyphy Studio, London

In the former Peacocks in Catford high street, 40 local and international artists ‘the Futures_after collective’ are launching their exhibition of works that reflect on what value exchange means within our highstreets, reimagining how we connect with our economic, ecological and social environments during these unprecedented times.

Through performances, participatory practises, film and installations, the works on show pivot around post-capitalist idea(l)s and future imaginaries, taking advantage of the former retail space as a place for exchange and dialogue during free workshops and events.

The residency and exhibition has been made possible with the support from Hypha Studios, Arts Council England, Lewisham Council, London Borough of Culture 2022, European Union, HM Government and Exhibitions Hub at Goldsmiths, University of London.

copyright © 2021. zinong zhang. all rights reserved.